Model 197 Hybrid Control Panel

The Jet Incorporated model 197 control panel monitors and controls the operation of Jet system aerators and additional components. The panel can be configured to control single or dual aeration systems. A single aerator system controls the operation of one aerator. A dual aerator system can control two aerators, or one aerator and one re-aeration compressor.

197 Control PanelIn addition to the aerator control circuits, the control panel also contains the following circuits or features:

  • Three auxiliary output circuits
  • Three auxiliary input circuits with normally open or normally closed selection
  • One power indicator LED, and four additional error indicator LED’s
  • An alarm buzzer with an output for an additional external audible alarm
  • A 9-position DIP switch for selection of configuration options
  • User accessible reset switch and circuit board master reset switch
  • Alarm mode Auto-Dialer power and control interface
  • RS 232 interface circuit
  • Circuit board mounted power switch and fuse


Item Part Number
Model 197 Control Panel 197
Auto Dialer Package for 197 197D



Control Panel Features

A. Master Reset Button
B. Internal Horn
C. On/Off Switch
D. External Reset Button
E. Pump Power Supply Contacts
F. Alarm and Aerator Power Supply Contacts
G. Ground Buss
H. Central Alarm Beacon
I. DIP Switch Array
J. Auxiliary Alarm Settings (NC/NO)
K. Indicator Light Array
L. Auxiliary Alarm Contacts
M. Auxiliary Alarm Contacts
197 Control Panel Features