Residential Control Panels – Basic

The control panel is the automated command center for the Jet Residential Wastewater treatment system. Jet 700++ Aerators can be supplied with a pre-wired electrical control panel to monitor aerator operation, as well as the function of the pumps, spray systems, pressure distribution systems, and other auxiliary equipment.

Jet offers a complete line of control panel models in different sizes and with a variety of options to meet local requirements anywhere in the world. Once you select the appropriate control panel for installation, it is mounted in an easy-to-access area of the building. Its components and wiring are protected within a lockable, corrosion resistant, ultraviolet-stabilized thermoplastic enclosure with removable flanges.

Control Panels

Control Panels 180 -194
Integrated Pump Controls
Model 197 Hybrid Control Panel
Dosing Station Control Panels
Econoline Spray System Control Panels