Service & Contracts

Service calls and contracts are provided by a Jet trained technician.

Routine maintenance on your aerobic septic system is recommended to be performed every 6 months.  A service contract with Tri-State Jet can give you piece of mind.  A contract will ensure that your Jet septic system is operating efficiently and correctly.  A properly functioning aeration septic system also minimizes the impact on the environment.

We offer service contracts with 2 visits annually. Our contracts include:

-Check water level
-Check solids in aerobic septic tank to determine when it needs pumped
-Pull your Jet motor out and clean the components
-Clean airways on your Jet motor
-Verify Jet motor conditions
-Check your third compartment (making sure your pipes are open)
-Clean your chlorine tube
-Leave a report on your system

They also include cleaning upflow filters or BAT Media once annually, and adding septic chlorine without an additional fee.

Service calls are promptly handled.

We only use factory replacement parts for repairs and replacements.

At Tri-State Jet our technicians are Jet certified. They have received factory training from Jet, inc. Tri-State Jet technicians have been trained to trouble shoot any problems that may occur with your Jet wastewater treatment plant. Issues that may occur with the Jet aerator or Jet motor not functioning properly, problems with the Jet control panel, odors that may occur or any other issue you may have with your septic system.